Friday, February 6, 2009

Ultimate Utility Player? for madding...

While waiting for my son to get back from a church youth group thing, I decided to take madding's idea and see where it led... What you see is where the road took me. Frankly, I don't know how PunkRockPaint does everything he does using only Paint! This took Photoshop Elements and Paint together to achieve. But, it was also a LOT of fun!


  1. May have to move him to a middle infield position to "sweep" up those pesky grounders.Just think of the range with a real long handle.Then the ball gets sucked into a tank and automatically fired to first at about 90 mph!

  2. Of course! Man, I wish I had thought of that - then he could bat 'clean up!!' :-)

    code: "pigates" - anaerobic exercise for swine kind.

  3. that's cool looking!

    i have some tribe cards put aside for you over here.