Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mr. Plumstead, I presume...

On the same day I received the cards from ToppsTribe, I had a package from JackPlumstead. Oh, you don't know Jack? (heh-heh, I've always wanted to say that and have it hold a double meaning, and now, here it is!) Jack is John. You know, as in "John from across the pond!"

I have a couple things I am sending to John in the way of Red Sox, and in the meantime, he sneaks over a bubbly full of Tribers!

We've got a Brian Slocum auto'd Bowman and a game-used CC Sabathia UD Diamond Collection jersey card! Plus, one of the coolest TriplePlay cards I've seen - Sandy Alomar Jr playing fatbat baseball with a junior (don't know if that's his kid or not)! I do not believe I have seen that card before. I also love the shiny cards in here!

It's funny, or ironic, or highly major MOJO working (man, I hate that expression!), that I would post a handful of 1970 Topps cards on the same night ToppsTribe posts about the '70 topps design. What really has me worried is Crisp's legs... That is either one long-legged dude, or there is a serious Photoshop Disaster on our hands! And don't forget Mr. Winfield peeking out down there, either!

Rounding out the package is a nice set of 2004 Fleer Tradition and a VERY cool Score '96 "SAMPLE" Jim Thome card. I am a HUGE fan of Thome's as most of you already know, but I am also a HUGE fan of "sample" cards. I think it's a great marketing ploy that drives me, as a collector, batty with collecting desire - I gotta have 'em! Finishing things out is a 2008 UD Masterpieces Sizemore wielding two bats and one very stern look. Yeah, buddy!

Thank you for another great package of cards, Mr. Plumstead!! These are great!! Your Sox are on their way!

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