Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you liked then you shoulda put a cap on it....

BoSox owner brings up the argument for salary caps again. You can read about it HERE.

While I think he needs to create some better reasons for it, I do agree that the time for salary caps in baseball is long overdue. My main reason is the fact that the Yankees cannot buy a championship despite spending insane amounts of money on players. I know that a lot of people will use that very argument AGAINST salary capping, but for me, it is the very meat of the matter.

With salary caps in place, great players will be spread around the league, which might help certain clubs build TEAMS again. Organizations could put together teams without having to worry if their players are going to jump ship for hundred million dollar deals. It worked for football, in my opinion, and it will work for baseball.

What I actually think will happen is that the first few years capping matters, we may see something of a leveling of the playing field. Some people may see this as a negative, and I understand that. But, in the long run, the fact that salary has no bearing on team compilation, I think we will see the return of great teams, and even a dynasty or two along the way. Why?

Because teams will bring in players who will learn to play with each other instead of nine guys who happen to wear the same uniforms. Maybe I'm old school, but I see capping as way to get the game of baseball back to what it started out as: a TEAM sport.

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  1. I like the idea of a salary cap, but it shouldnt be a hard cap. For example, its not cool how teams are forced to break up for salary cap reasons, so I think the cap should reward strong scouting. So players with the club originally don't get forced to break up teams.