Saturday, February 14, 2009

Below (and yet above) average...

For Valentine's Day, my wife picked up a box of 2008 UD Timeline for me! That's where the 'above average' part comes in... My wife sees tens of thousands of cards taking up most of our home 'office,' and yet she buys me a box of baseball cards as a token of her love. It does not get better than that, folks.

Now, the 'below average' part... I couldn't even FIND a picture of the retail blaster box for this post, so that tells you something right there.

On the box, it says, "One memorabilia Card in Every Box!" (on average). as I opened pack after pack (10 packs in all), I found not one memorabilia card. None. Zero. Nada. Not one serially numbered card, not an auto, no game-used chewing gum.

I did pull a triber, though:

I also pulled quite a few doubles, which I guess might be normal for a 10-pack blaster... I also pulled a David Wright, which goes straight to the girls at Dinged Corners. and, I pulled a player signing an autograph, so Kris gets that one! Ironically, this morning I had just sealed packages to both of them! Ah well, these will be extra treats. While I'm talking treat, I also pulled two different Sabathia cards, so I'll toss those into my 'unsolicited' package going to Thorzul.

All in all, except for the lack of any memorabilia card, this was a great gift from the woman who puts up with way more than any sane woman would! She's been doing it for 17 years now. I think it's more habit than anything. :-)


  1. Ahh, that's so lame. Erin got a Joe Mauer jersey card in the box I got her for Christmas. I just got three hobby packs off eBay which have more cards in them, and they were pretty fun, but I didn't get anything super fancy.

  2. Really and truly "on average" is one of the worst phrases in baseball card history. Second only to "pack searcher." However, the blaster was an extremely cool Valentine's Day present. Major spousal-unit points!

  3. I got a Target gift-card for Valentine's Day, so I can pick the dud blaster of my choice myself!