Saturday, February 21, 2009

These are the Dave's I know...

Wouldn't you know as soon as I post about not being able to post, I am able to post! C'est la vie! At least I did not get caught in a virtual makeover frenzy!

David over at ToppsTribe contacted me about trading a bit ago, and of course I was all for that! I am still working on his cards, but he has a very specific list of Indians cards he's looking for. That makes things easy in one respect - he only collects Topps!

He sent over a great selection of Tribers, too! See those tiny, little cards beside David Bell? Those are the 1993 Topps Micros, and boy are they "Small... essS-emmM-all.. small..." (know the movie quote? It's a classic!)

I love the look on Omar's face, as if to say, "I double-dog dare you to kick my with those spikes, buddy!" Ya know, the Tribe has had some pretty amazing guys come through their clubhouse: Belle, Vizquel, Muray, Alomar, ManRam, Thome, Hershiser...

Now, let's break out the GOLD! I love Topps Gold cards, especially the Black Gold variety. I always thought those were cool cards! Add to that a couple of '09 Topps, too! I hope Lee keeps up the great showing he put on last year!

A BIG thank you to David at ToppsTribe! If you haven't checked out his take on Tribers on Topps cards, you oughta!

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