Sunday, February 1, 2009

Calling all baseball card collectors!

Seriously. Does anyone collect A's or Expos? Does anyone that DOES collect those teams want any cards? I don't even mean in a "hey, let's set up a trade" situation, either. I mean it in a "Holy crap, I have more than 2000 A's and probably close to that in Expos and I need to give some away" kind of way.

I actually have a bigger dilemma than that. See, right before my last "12 Days Giveaway," I bought some more cards to make sure I had plenty to give away. Well, I overshot the mark by about... 20,000 cards. Really. Quit laughing. It's not THAT funny. Well, yeah, I guess it is... All I can say is that it's a good thing the economy is where it is because I paid peanuts for them. And that was before the whole Salmonella thing, too!

I've been debating a 'free-for-all' type giveaway out of fear of somehow 'cheapening the collecting spirit.' But, honestly, I have cards coming out of places there shouldn't be cards. Don't worry, those will not end up in the giveaway. :-)

Some folks are already going to get cards that I haven't sent cards to in a while: The girls at Dinged corners are getting a nice selection based on their favorite criteria, John Across The Pond is getting a nice stack of Red Sox, and Kris is getting cards based on one of the criteria given for '12 days.'

But, I have GOT to share the cards I have with folks, or my wife is going to run me out of the house. so, like those overpriced lots on eBay, "My wife says it's me or the cards - one of us has to go!" The difference here is that I am giving these ones away!

Want some cards to start, build, or possibly complete your collection? They're yours! All ya gotta do is ask. If you want to send Tribers in return, that's great.. If you don't have any Tribers but want cards anyway, that's great, too. If you just want a box of cards because I'm offering them to anyone and everyone, that's perfect!

Seriously. Ask and ye shall receive. There is only one catch. well, three, really. The first is that you can request only by teams (sorry way too many cards to pick out certain players). second, you will most likely get doubles. Again, way too many cards to sort through and pick out doubles (no worries, I will make sure there is nothing on the scale of dayf's Alomar trick!). And last, there is no time frame. I have a lot of sorting to do and I'll send the cards out as I get shipping boxes, envelopes, etc.

I had actually thought of a fourth catch, but then I forgot what it was, so we'll leave it at three. :-) Oh, yeah, I remember. Sorry. The fourth is that there is no minimum or maximum card offer. You request the team(s) you'd like, and I'll put together a package based on those teams.

You are also welcome to request "Anything! Send me anything!" packages, too. In those cases, there is no telling what you'll get. :-) again, nothing on the duplicate scale of dayf's Alomars. That was pretty much a one-time thing. Or at least until the next trick-or-treat... LOL!!

So, shoot me an email ( or with the subject something along the lines of "Are you CRAZY!? Send me free cards, man!!" and your mailing address (though I would venture to say I have many of your addresses by now through various other trades).


  1. I have more than enough of my own but that is a nice gesture ! I'm sure you'll get many requests. By the way.... did you see the title to my last post ! Why , I ought to call my lawy... LOL just kidding.Actually I thought it was funny when I saw the headlone on my dashboard ! I'm looking for more , local kids ( big kids included )

  2. Rickey Henderson Collectibles and Tastes Like Dirt both collect A's.

  3. Yeah, what Mario said.

    20,000 extra cards! Holy smokes! Where are they, in the garage?

    You know I like the Dodgers. But I'll take a "surprise me" package, too.

  4. I have had trouble finding a Mariners, Blue Jays and Diamondbacks collector, if you happen to know any. Contact Ryan at Trader Cracks for an Expos collector. I'm your man for Red Sox if there are any strays. I have a pile of Indians for you too!

  5. Imitation is the highest for of flattery, perhaps??

    What's funnt is that I had a different title, then picked this one and actually thought, "I'm sure I just saw that somewhere..." I read your post, so it must have been a subconscious thing... Or maybe I have a thing for stealing people's ideas... That's what 'some' people would say about the whole '12 days' thing... :-)

  6. I think your right on the "imitation" line.Yours wasn't EXACTLY the same anyway.At least I have some people thinking.

  7. dodgers, please! hopefully there are enough dodgers to go around between night owl and i (and free andy laroche, too, if he so choo choo chooses). twins would be great, too.

  8. I'm down with the A's I'd love some free A's cards.

    I'm sure Brad from Rickey Henderson Collectibles wold be interested also. We love to share!

  9. Excellent! The response has been great so far! You folks are in for a treat (I hope)!

  10. If it's not too late, I'd take some Braves off your hands, but if not I'll take anything you wanna get rid of.

  11. Thanks for thinking of me guys, I'd definitely be interested in some A's! It's always great to see bloggers looking out for one another. Thanks again!

  12. Ben, it is not too late at all! shoot me your address and I'll put together a box for ya!