Sunday, February 22, 2009

From one Jack to Another

On Saturday, I received a bubble envelope from Jack. No, not Mr. Plumstead again, but rather the Jack who is more commonly known around these parts as "Baseball Dad!" He is a fellow Tribe collector, and he posed a question on his blog about the first 'official major league game,' and I happen to be Johnny-on-the-Spot with the correct answer.

He sent my prize (I did not know what the prize would be) and man, am I glad I was first to chime in!

These are 1989 Star Company Canton-Akron Indians cards! They are the weirdest combination of gradient color I have seen in a long time: purple to yellow!

Now, he did warn me that this set had some BIG names. Guys like Twardoski, Ferlenda, Magallanes, and Keliipuleole (count 'em - 12 letters in that last one)!

Of course, there are familiar Tribers in here, too! Guys like Allread, Shaw, and one Joey (Albert) Belle! He also threw in a V-Mart "at the last minute!"

A BIG thank you to Baseball Dad (which has 11 letters, 12 if you count the space!) for these great minor league cards! I've got a package of cards coming your way, too!

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