Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Phun with Photoshop (Elements)

I was originally going to post something about weird things fans can buy to show support for their team. I'll do that another time. Instead, I decided to play around in Photoshop Elements.

The first actual piece came in the form of the "Cleveland Indians sled" that I found online. Are there really people that spend 60 bucks on an inflatable sled decorated with their favorite team's logos? Wow...

Next, I decided to add the snow-covered hill for effect. That, of course, led to me sitting on the floor of my office and taking a picture of what I hoped look like a goofy guy on a sled. Well, at least I got the goofy guy part right...

After some editing, and some motion blur for effect, I added a US flag border and a "TribeCards" script. After all, nothing screams card-collecting computer-geek quite like this:

At least the post *IS* Tribe-related, right? :-) Has anyone 'lost' followers before? I could very well be on my way, I'm afraid...


  1. You haven't lost me yet ! I can tell we both like to have a lot of fun with cards and stuff.If you ever come back this way , maybe take your family to Cedar Point, the dealer I work for is is right down from the park entrance. I'd like to meet up with you sometime.Or,you could come to the Nationals Card Show. I'll be there for sure !!

  2. Sounds great! went to cedar Point as a kid, and the only thing I remember is some ride that was all about the san francisco earthquake - buildings 'fell' etc as you rode in a cart.

  3. I remember that ! I don't think it's there anymore.It's all about roller coasters now. I don't get along with them too much. I haven't been there since our kids marched in the high school band.