Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My own trip to the 'card shop.'

I took my mother to the airport this morning, and after that, I headed to the only 'card store' I know of. Why put that in quotes? because, in truth, the store is a HobbyTown, USA. It actually focuses more on trains and other hobbies than it does cards. But, I looked through the display case. They had a shelf or two of football cards. Well, really, they had "four shelves" but there were only about 3-4 cards per shelf that I can remember. They had a handful of baseball cards, and the only one that stuck out was a Nolan Ryan for $25. I forget what year the card was.

They also had an Obama materials "O" card. It had no price. I guess that goes along the lines of "If you have to ask...." But, I was tempted to ask anyway. Alas, my real reason for being there overtook my desire to know what outrageous price they were charging for a card that very few people in this part of the country would care to see, let alone own.

My reason for being there was to snag up some 800-count and 400-count boxes for the "Are you CRAZY!?" giveaway. I will take pictures before I mail out the boxes, just to give you and idea of what all those cards look like before they head out the door.

Speaking of those boxes, I still have LOTS of cards to give away. I am working on which teams I have and I'll post those this weekend. I also have a hundred or so checklist cards and twice that many minor league/team usa/other non-mlb cards. Those will be given first-ask, first-get. Just reply here and say "I want the checklists!" or "I want the minors!" and they're yours.

There are also a bunch of football cards (400 or so, probably) and maybe as many basketball (maybe not, I'm not sure). Those are also up for grabs in a 'asker take all' scenario. By that, I mean, you simply respond here and say "I want the football!" or "I want the basketball!"

In the name of fairness to all, please only request one of the above (checklists, minors, football, basketball). These are open to anyone, even if you are getting a baseball box already!

Like I said, I'll post a list of available teams this weekend for those that have been hanging back...

Thank you for stopping by and once again sifting through the ramblings in my head!


  1. I would love the minor league cards, if possible. Thanks for doing this!


  2. I have jus two card shops in my area. Both are overpriced and one amazingly more so than the other. That is also a combined hobby shop.

    I never buy packs or single cards from there. I miss baseball card shops.

  3. When I was into collecting the first time, there was a nice card shop in the town I grew up in. Prices were good and the owner was one of the friendliest people I'd met in my ten years of life.

    At the end of the year, if you spent at least $10, he'd throw in a few packs of wax from that year.

    If memory serves me correctly, just before the '89 World Series I bought Oakland and San Francisco team sets, and spent more than $10. He threw in several packs of Donruss and out of one of them I pulled the Griffey Rated Rookie.

    That place stayed in business long after my first collecting days were over. I'm pretty sure the internet killed it off by the late 90s though.

  4. Man I am so spoiled where I live. There's at least six memorabilia/card shops near me, not counting the flea market nomads. All are at least decent in their own way and two are spectacular. I hope the economy doesn't run them all off...

  5. I'd like the basketball!
    And, is it too late to get it on some of the delicious baseball action? I'm a Tigers guy, me.
    I'll follow up with an e-mail.

  6. It usually takes me an hour to an hour and a half to get to a card shop around here.

  7. Yeah, that's how far the shop is from my house - an hour and a half or so...

    * Canuck, thhe Football are yours!
    * Arfmax, the Minors are yours!
    * Matt, the basketball are yours and I'll put together a Tigers package for you!

  8. Thanks, shoot me a message at arfmax@msn.com, and I can send you my address. Thanks again!


  9. No hockey ? I guess there has been nothing since Gerry Cheevers left town.

    If you have Red Sox ... I collect them.


  10. Heya chuck! Actually, I do have a very small number of hockey cards, so I'll throw those in for ya and round up some bosox, too.