Thursday, August 21, 2008

Winding Down Round One

We've had our first winner (and first elimination) here in the scratch-off tournament. Prizes are already being handed out, and I've received questions as to the determination of prize distribution. Fair enough question, I think. :-) It's a very scientific process. I have a pile of game-used and auto'd cards. I reach in and pull out a card. The first card goes to the winner of the match, and the second card goes to the eliminated player. The cards are then shuffled up before the next draw. Of course, the more games a player wins, the more cards he or she gets throughout the tourney.

Match 1 between Madding and MMosley ended with Madding moving on to the next round of play!

Match 2 - Joey has a runner on with two outs in the bottom of the 2nd inning. WhiteSoxCards takes the field. First up for the Rangers is Number 30. The pitcher manages to throw four balls in four straight pitches, sending the batter to first. With runners on first and second, the pitcher is hoping to lure the Rangers into an easy out. WhiteSoxCards watches from the railing of the dugout as Joey sends Number 20 up to bat. Here's the pitch... The batter pops this one up to the second baseman to retire the side.

WhiteSoxCards comes up in the top of third. Can his Mariners grab a few runs in what could be their last at bat? Joey's got his defense ready to take on anything WhiteSoxCards smacks their way.

WhiteSoxCards can choose from an extensive list of batters: 06, 09, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27, 28, 32

Match 3 - Somewhere in the game yesterday, I switched TasteLikeDirt to WhiteSoxCards. Luckily, the players were paying more attention than I was, and TasteLikeDirt is the correct player in this match. He's got two outs in the top of third and leads 4-2. He looks over the motley crew of batters left, and selects Number 05 to get off the bench and do something productive. Let's see if #05 earns his keep... The pitcher throws and Five hits this one to deep left field, getting an easy double! ChrisB watches as his hopes of winning are slowly being ground down. Number 10 jumps up off the bench before anyone else can and he heads for the plate. The pitcher loses all control of his location and ends up walking the batter! Since we're playing by "Wii Sports Baseball" rules, the runner on 2nd advances to third. I know, it's a weird thing, but here, it's no different than a single. Hey, I don't make the rules, I, wait, I *DO* make the rules... Well, fancy that. Regardless, TasteLikeDirt is on the verge of scoring another run. With two outs, can Number 11 bring 'em home or will he bring an end to a great showing by his Braves? The pitcher heaves the ball and the batter chokes on it, sending it flying through the air to the center fielder for the final out of his at-bat.

ChrisB has a long way to go to bring his Blue Jays to victory. TasteLikeDirt doesn't want to hear the "C" word, but he can't deny that it is a distinct possibility...

ChrisB, you're last bats, so you can play all of the batters (assuming your team lasts long enough to do so) available. Just put them in the order you want them to bat: 14, 17, 18, 19, 24, 26, 29

Match 4 - Motherscratcher comes to bat in what could prove to be his last showing in the tournament. He's down 5-2 and decides to take the Looney Tunes route by having one player do it all. As Motherscratcher said, "it worked for Bugs Bunny..." So, we will have George Brett batting in all of the remaining plate appearances. Let's start with George #19. Things do not start off well as Chris(M)'s White Sox get George to pop the ball into the air for an out. They are two away from putting the Royals out of the tourney. Next, we have George #28 coming up to bat. The Royals can't seem to get things together and they WALK him. Hmm, since he is playing all the batters, does that mean he puts a 'ghost man' on first? Well, in any case, George Brett #31 takes a stand at the plate. The White Sox aren't letting THIS George walk. In fact, the pitcher doesn't even let him HIT! He goes down on strikes. Two outs with a runner on first. George #14 is up next with all eyes on him. The crowd gets to their feet, trying to see if this George can kick up some of that scratchoff dust. Unfortunately for the Royals, he smacks the ball to the second baseman for an easy ground out, ending the game.

Chris(M)'s White Sox charge onto the field and celebrate their victory! Motherscratcher's Royals decide to hang around and sign some autographs for the fans. Chris(M) receives a 2004 Upper Deck USA Game-Used Mark Prior (GU-MP #504/550) and will continue on to the next round. Motherscratcher leaves us with a 2001 Pacific Private Stock Game-Used Gear Masato Yoshii (#65).

Match 5 - The Orioles (Erin) have been on a roll here in the third, reducing the Brewers lead to a score of 4-2. They've got one out and have just come off a two-run homer. Number 27 looks like she could take on the world about now. With only one out, there is really very little pressure on her. She looks relaxed and ready. The pitcher seems tense after the two-banger, but he has a job to do here. He throws and the batter hits a long fly ball toward center. The fielder is under it and makes an easy grab. That's two outs now. The Brew Crew home crowd get to their feet. The applause and cheering is deafening. How will this affect Number 11's turn to bat? She swings at the first pitch and sends it foul. The crowd quiets after that one. The next pitch is a strike and the crowd gets into it again. Two outs, two strikes. Here's the pitch and the batter.... lays down a bunt!? Now this is not something you see everyday! In fact, the defense is completely unprepared for this move and she easily reaches first base. Number 29 exits the dugout and takes her place. The Brewers pitcher could very well throw the ball at the batter after being duped on that last one. Let's hope that doesn't happen. He winds, pitches, and the only thing getting hit this time is the ball. The batter knocks this one out of the park for ANOTHER two-run dinger! Erin's Orioles have TIED THE GAME! Maybe she should have asked her girls not to embarrass her earlier in the game!

The game is tied at four each. Orioles have two outs. Brewers are shaking their heads.

Erin, your girls have been making quite a showing here late in the game! Which three batters would you like to try next? 06, 09, 18, 19, 22, 28, 32

Match 6 - Dayf is leading by a run. At the end of the last set of batters, my brain short-circuited. Evidently, I was having a rough night last night! It's the top of third. Dayf leads 4-3. We've got two outs and a runner on first. Sorry for the confusion last go-round - that's what I get for trying to update when the kids are still awake! Dayf directs Number 25 to take on the Marlins' pitcher. Evidently, Dayf's Rockies have been taking notes from Erin's Orioles... The batter sends a line drive over the fence for a two-run home run! There is no doubt here - Dayf extends his lead to three: 6-3 in the third. Kevin clings to the possibility of getting back in this game. Batter Number 15 has his own thoughts on the subject. However, when he swings, he knocks the ball back to the pitcher who fields it cleanly and retires the side.

Dayf leads 6-3 as Kevin brings in the rest of his Marlins.

Since Kevin bats last, he can simply put these guys in the order he'd like them to appear: 12, 14, 17, 26, 29, 30

I will be posting scans of the gamecards and the prizes when all the first round matches are complete. If the first round is not over by Saturday, there will be NO GAMES updated on Saturday, since I will be at the Indians-Rangers game in Arlington!! WAHOO!! :-)


  1. If only you were going on Sunday... you could see Anthony Reyes pitch.

  2. What a great contest. Even when I lose, I win! I looked up that Yoshii card and it's pretty sweet looking. Thanks David!

    But as for you, Chris M...I will NOT be gracious in defeat. I think you cheated. I don't know how, but you did. And I intend to find out. I will be like OJ searching for the real killers. I will not rest until I have satisfaction. This isn't over yet Chris M. Not by a long shot. When you least expect it...expect it.

    And to whoever plays Chris M next...there's a 1988 Topps Tommy Hinzo in it for you if you put one off Chris M's mellon.

  3. Wow! A bounty in a scratch off game. Could I get a better card if I could get Tonya Harding to beat his pitcher with a lead pipe in the locker room?

    Funny stuff.

  4. Great tourney. Thanks for the Prior card. I'm looking forward to Round 2.

    On behalf of my scratchcard team, I am officially requesting a restraining order against Tonya Harding and motherscratcher's unnamed conspirator.

    I understand motherscratcher's ire, but what have I done to you joey? Is one slightly better baseball card than a 1988 Topps Tommy Hinzo really worth ending the budding scratchcard career of my pitcher?

  5. 17, 24, 19, 18, 29, 26, 14

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  7. 28, 19, 6

    Let's hope this works...

  8. Hey Chris, just a little trash talk to liven things up a bit.