Monday, August 11, 2008

Round One - Startin' Out!

Round 1, Bracket 2 - WhiteSoxCards (Mariners) is the first to step up to the plate. He picks 01, 21, and 24 from his card. The swing nets him a DOUBLE! He's got a man on 2nd with 0 outs. His next swing rolls up the first base line for a ground out. The third swing is a long fly ball, but Joey (Rangers) reaches up and snags it out of the air for a pop fly. That's 2 outs with a runner on 2nd.
WhiteSoxCards gets to pick three more spots.

Round 1, Bracket 1 - Madding (Athletics) comes up to the plate and chooses 13, 22, and 03. Going in order, Madding leads off with a fly ball to right field. MMosley (BlueJays) is under it and easily gives Madding a fly out. 1 out. The second pitch is hit through the gap between 1st and 2nd for a single! That's a runner on with 1 out. The third at-bat has Madding swinging for the fences, but not able to connect, resulting in a strikeout. So, in what may be the start of a pattern here so far, Madding also has a runner on with 2 outs.
Let's see what happens when Madding picks his next three spots.

Round 1, Bracket 3 - TasteLikeDirt (Braves) looks over the playing field and selects 15, 30, and 31. His first swing heads toward the gap between 2nd and 3rd, but Chris B (Blue Jays) snags the ball with a bare hand and rifles to first for the out! The next swing sends the ball straight up into the air above the catcher, who tosses his mask and grabs the ball for a pop out. That's 2 outs, bases empty. For his third attempt, TasteLikeDirt goes down swinging for an inning-ending strikeout.
Chris B will get his crack at the plate now, so let's see what happens!

Round 1, Bracket 4 - Chris(M) (White sox) begins his game by selecting 07,24,30 on his game card. The first at-bat is a grounder to the second baseman, who easily throws Chris(M) out at first. 1 down, no runners on base. The next hit is a Texas-Leaguer that drops in for a single! 1 out, 1 runner on base. Third batter comes to the plate. Let's see if Motherscratcher (Royals) can put a stop to the hitting. This ball is hit up into the air and the pitcher makes the grab himself. 2 outs, 1 runner on.
Chris(M) makes three more selections.

Round 1, Bracket 6 - Dayf (Rockies) goes for the "ends-in-3" approach and selects 3, 13, and 23. Let's see how that works out this at-bat. The first pitch delivered by Kevin (Marlins) is hit deep! The center fielder is back, to the track, and catches the ball as it falls short of a home run. A fly out for Dayf. With 1 out, the second batter steps up and swings. He connects and drives the ball in there for a base hit! That's 1 out with a runner on. The third batter knocks the ball over the pitcher's head for another base hit! Dayf has 1 out with 2 runners on base.
Let's see what Dayf can do with his next three selections!

Round 1, Bracket 5 - Erin (Orioles), who is representing the women in this tourney, comes in selecting 3, 4, and 12, perhaps trying to achieve that 'mathematical advantage.' Her first batter readies at the plate, and takes a WALK to first base. Voltaire (Brewers) cannot be happy with his pitcher here - a lead-off walk. 0 outs and a runner on first. Next up, Erin succumbs to the pitcher's fury and strikes out. 1 out, 1 on base. Voltaire's pep talk with his pitcher is paying off. Erin's 3rd batter goes down swinging as well! That's 2 outs with a runner on base.
Let's see if Erin can pull out of the strikeout rut! What three numbers will she pick next?

Players, please respond to THIS post. The following players choose three spots (do not pick a spot from your card that has already been selected!):

WhiteSoxcards, Madding, Chris B, Chris(M), Dayf, Erin - choose three more spots!

Note: Future posts will include the available spot numbers for each pair of players so that you don't have to remember what's been taken already. :-)


Madding -------\
MMosley -------/

WhiteSoxCards -\
Joey ----------/

TasteLikeDirt -\
Chris B -------/

Chris(M) -------\

Erin ----------\
Voltaire ------/

Dayf ----------\
Kevin ---------/


  1. ahaha Erin is the Orioles!!

    I pick 06, 20, 05

  2. One lousy blooper?!?! Come on boys, let's put some good swings on the ball.


  3. ...

    orioles are a pretty nice lookin' bird. not as good as a cardinal, but hey. at least i'm a bird. what the hell are you?? exactly.

    i win.