Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting the most out of it AND STARTING ROUND TWO (8/25 update)

Match 2 - Joey is up to bat in the bottom of the third. We've got no runs on the board for either team. Will Joey send this thing into extras innings like Erin's Orioles have done in the match next door, or will Joey stick it to WhiteSoxCards and charge into the next round?

Joey looks over his playcard and put his batters in order. First up, the Mariners pitcher faces Number 09. The batter sends the first pitch foul into the crowd. The next pitch is high and tight. A little too tight, and the batter gets a ball. The pitcher throws the next pitch and the batter swings, but narrowly misses. The count is 1-2. Here's the next pitch. OH! The batter goes down swinging. One out and Number 14 steps up. The Mariners pitcher decides he wants to build the suspense a little, so he gives the batter a free pass to first - he walks him. The Rangers crowd is thrilled! Bugs Bunny moonwalks on the big screen as Number 27 comes into the game. The pitcher throws. Here's the swing... It's a deep hit that bounces off the wall! The Rangers score the game-winning run as the batter gets around to third base on a triple, but it doesn't matter. This one is over in three at-bats!

Joey's Rangers put on a great show here in the third to win the game 1-0 over WhiteSoxCards' Mariners.

Joey advances to the next round, and along the way, he grabs a 2003 Fleer Focus Team Colors Jersey Edition Eric Chavez (TC-EC). WhiteSoxCards might be going home without any runs, but he won't go without any cards! He leaves the ballpark with a 2008 Upper Deck Retrospectrum Swatches jersey card from Freddy Garcia (RS-FG2)! Congratulations Joey on winning the game with a triple off the wall!

Match 5 - EXTRA INNINGS! In case you're just tuning in, welcome to Match Five where Erin's Orioles and Voltaire's Brewers are tied at four runs apiece. In the interest of fairness, I am not going to reveal the teams listed on the card selected for extra innings. Both teams will play the same teams they have been using for the whole match.

The Orioles have a runner on first with no outs. Erin calls up Number 22 to the plate. The Brewers pitcher looks like he's ready to put this one to bed (the game, not the batter!). He throws. The batter swings, and she pops the ball up into the air above the second baseman. He catches it, giving the Orioles their first out of the inning. Perhaps Erin saw the 4-4 tie in the fourth inning as a good sign, because she is sending Number 4 into the game. Voltaire's pitchers winds up and throws. Number Four sends this one deep, deep to right field! This one could be a goner... NO! The Brewers snag the ball, robbing the O's of a two-run homer. The fielder keeps the runner in check. That's two down with a runner still hanging out at first. Number 4 did not prove to be lucky, so let's see if Number 13 can bring a little to the plate. The pitcher throws, sending the batter down swinging in a 1-2-3 pitch strikeout, ending the top of the fourth.

Still tied at 4-4, Voltaire comes in to see if HE can bring this train to a screeching halt.

Voltaire, pick three players. All 32 spots are up for grabs EXCEPT 04, 13, and 22.

Let's keep things moving along in the other games! We've got five players that have advanced to Round Two: Joey, ChrisB, Dayf, Chris(M), and Madding. In a random seeding, these players will now pair up for the second round of scratch-off action while we wait to see what happens with the Orioles and Brewers:

Round 2, Match 1 - Chris(M) will face Joey.

Round 2, Match 2 - Madding will play against Dayf.

Round 2, Match 3 - ChrisB will face either Erin or Voltaire.

Okay, Round Two players, let's have some picks! Chris(M) and Madding, you've each got 32 spots on your cards to pick from (My English teacher is having a stroke with all those prep phrases! LOL). You have clean slates - let's see how dirty you can make 'em!


  1. I was robbed! LOL. Seriously, that was a great game that went down to the wire.

    Congrats to Joey! I hope he goes a long way in the tournament. :)

  2. I don't know what team I am this time (maybe I'm still the A's) but it doesn't matter, I suppose, because I'm just going to pick Cardinalscentric numbers anyway.

    Let's go with 8 (Troy Glaus), 5 (duh) and 11 (Jose Oquendo)

  3. Good times! Great game White Sox Cards! I am going to have to score more than one run in the next match.

  4. 24 (Willie Mays), 8 (Joe Morgan), 23 (Tito Fuentes)