Friday, August 8, 2008

Internet Woes - Delay of Game

It figures the Internet in our location was hampered by a crew of folks working on a ditch. In fact, we lost Internet, phones, and anything else related to the local phone company! On top of that, I ended up being out of town this weekend! you might think someone somewhere was trying to tell me something... LOL

No such luck for them! I will be back in town Sunday evening and I will have the seeding ready with a complete list of players and prizes. The partial list I made before got mixed reviews, but 'full disclosure' might garner a more positive reaction. Then again, I have the players lined up, it doesn't matter what the general public thinks about the free game-used/autos I'm handing out!

Hang in there just a bit longer, and we'll get the scratch-off party started!

Chris and Chris B, I'll get your 'welcome' messages out. No worries! You are IN the tourney. :-)

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