Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's Get Scratchin'!!

All the scratch-off playing cards were shuffled up randomly, then assigned to the trounament games. Brackets were created such that the first round of play uses the following seeding: 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 12-10, 8-6, 4-2. This means the Round One seeding appears as follows:

madding vs. mmosley - Athletics vs. Blue Jays

white sox cards vs. joey - Mariners vs. Rangers

tastelikedirt vs. Chris B - Braves vs. Blue Jays

Chris(M) vs. motherscratcher - White Sox vs. Royals

erin vs. voltaire - Orioles vs. Brewers

dayf vs. kevin - Rockies vs. Marlins

Madding, WhiteSoxCards, TasteLikeDirt, Chris(M), Erin, and Dayf are officially allowed to choose their first THREE scratch-off picks for their respective playing cards! Remember, there are 32 spots to choose from! Just give me the SPOT NUMBER and I'll begin scratching off the cards!

This tournament may get fast and furious! Let's keep the game fun! Please do not post your picks until I give you the go-ahead. Some games will end before others, but we will not move to the next round until each of the games has been completed for the current round.

Players, please respond to THIS POST for the first picks! I will create new posts after each round of number-picking. New space selections will be made at the end of each NEW post, in order to keep things moving along.

Remember, EVERY player gets a game-used or autograph card at the end of each round! I will list each player's card after each round.

Let's get scratchin!! (Rules here here)