Sunday, August 24, 2008

The End Of Round 1? (8/24 update)

We are down to two active matches left in the first round of play. The players moving on in the tourney are anxiously waiting to see who they will play against next! Well, maybe they're waiting anxiously... Maybe they're just waiting... In either case, let's see what happens in tonight's action!

Match 2 - All right, folks, WhiteSoxCards is up to bat in the top of the third inning with two outs. He's got a runner on first. Number 18 comes up to the plate. Here's the pitch. After the hiatus, the Mariners were hoping to be to the first to show runs on the board, but the Rangers pitcher squashes their dreams by getting the batter to pop the ball into the air to the right fielder for the final out.

Can Joey's Rangers do enough in the bottom of the third to prevent extra innings or will WhiteSoxCards' Mariners keep the home team scoreless?

Joey, you're up to bat in the bottom of the third. You have the task of putting the remaining batters into the final batting order of the inning (well, maybe the final at-bat): 06, 09, 10, 14, 16, 25, 26, 27, 32

Match 5 - We've reached the bottom of the third here in this match, where Erin's Orioles have tied the game at 4 runs, forcing Voltaire's Brewers to break the tie and win the game. The Brewers are playing their remaining batters in numerical order. Erin's hoping for three-up and three-down, while Voltaire is hoping to end this quickly. Number 06 comes to the plate as the Brewers fans begin makin' some noise. The Orioles are playing deep. The pitcher throws her best stuff. Here's the swing. It's a high fly ball. It's going deep! The fielder is back to the track. He steps back to the wall, and the ball falls short of a home run. The home crowd BOOS as the defense gets the ball back to the pitcher. The Orioles fans here today cheer and applaud the effort. Number 09 steps up and adjusts his helmet. The pitcher throws. The batter hits it deep to left-center. The fielder makes the throw to second, but the runner is in there sliding for a double. The game-winning run is standing on second as Number 18 comes to bat. The crowd explodes in whistles, applause, and cheers. The noise is too much for the pitcher, and he WALKS the batter. There are now runners on the corners (remember, Wii rules...) with one out. Erin goes out to the mound to talk to her pitcher. The pitcher nods, signalling that she feels confident that she can get the Orioles out of this. Satisfied, Erin heads back to the dugout and the Brewers send Number 19 to the plate. The pitcher takes her sign and throws. The batter swings, sending the ball high int the air just behind the catcher. The catcher tosses her mask, puts out her glove, and snags the ball for the second out. Two outs, two runners on base, and only two batters left in the Brewers arsenal. This is make or break. Any hit wins the game for Voltaire. An out, and we go to extras innings. Here's Number 22 up to bat with all the pressure on him. The pitcher winds. She heaves the ball toward the plate. The batter swings. Every runner takes off. The batter swings and he POPS the ball in the air, where the first baseman catches it to end the third inning! We're going to EXTRA INNINGS!

Since there is only one space left on this card, I will scratch it off as Erin's first play of the 4th inning. Number 32 comes in to see if she can lead her Orioles on to Round two. The pitcher sends the ball to the plate. Thirty-two swings and drops the ball into short left-center for a SINGLE.

Both teams are fighting to keep the other team from scoring. We're in the top of the fourth inning, where Erin's Orioles have put a runner on first with no one out. Voltaire's Brewers couldn't make enough things happen in the last inning and are hanging on tight.

Erin, you have a NEW, FULL card to pick from! All 32 spots are up for grabs, so pick three batters and we'll see how your girls do with a runner on base.

The players that have already battled their way to the next round are: ChrisB, Dayf, Chris(M), and Madding! Way to go!


  1. Alright, lets set up the order this way:

    #9,#14,#27,#6,#32,#10,#16,#25 and #26