Monday, August 4, 2008

Tourney Update - Good news/bad news/good news

I'm all about giving people the GOOD news first when it comes to playing 'good news/bad news,' so here is the GOOD NEWS:

The Scratch-off Tournament is still on! If you've already signed up, your place is secure in the games to come!

Now, the BAD NEWS:

Due to "operator headspace" (that is, sometimes I am quite the idiot), the tournament will only seed TWENTY PLAYERS max! It's a long story, well, not really, I misread a lot of game-used/autos that I was bidding on and when they arrived today, I was seriously shy of the number of cards I thought I would have. Again, my own 'operator headspace.'


This means that there are still about NINE spaces left! If you thought about signing up, but weren't sure, NOW is the time! Once we reach twenty players, I will seed the brackets and we will get rollin!


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