Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: Two-for- um, hey, where did Monday go again?

Hey everyone!  I obviously can't handle a do-over on the draft *and* post a pack on the same night. It seems I forgot to post a pack yesterday. So, tonight I will have all kinds of things going on: Two-for-Tuesday, a Belated Break for Monday, and the updated managers/players list from yesterday's do-over redraft. Not in that order.

In fact, here is a link to the current manager/player list:

Keen eyes will note that it is the same link as before. Yeap, I just took out the old stuff and put in the new. I threw out the baby with the bathwater. I put all my eggs in one basket and then sent it flying out the window. "Out the window!? Buzz, you're a genius!"*

Okay, let's get ripping.  First, the missing pack from Monday. 2006 Topps Series 2. 12 cards per pack.

Derek Jeter - Yankees - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Opening Day Relic Card Mets/Nationals Redemption (exp 6/30/08) - Well, dang.
Freddy Sanchez - Pirates - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Shea Hillenbrand - Blue Jays - Davidinark (Wahoo!!)
Odalis Perez - Dodgers - Free Agent
Ned Yost - Brewers - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Miguel Tejada - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)
Bronson Arroyo - Reds - Matthew Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Reggie Abercrombie - Marlins - Free Agent
Julio Franco - Mets - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Mickey Mantle - Yankees - MHR34 - Stealing Home (Wahoo!!)
Sluggers Promo Card
Aramis Ramirez/Derrek Lee Cubs Corners - Pedersej/Pederesej (Wahoo!!)

Hmmm, if memory serves, that is a double-double for Pedersej. Congrats to a couple of you for pulling more than player! And, let's give a hand to each manager snagging a player this pack.

Okay, now let's jump over to the Two-for-Tuesday break!  How about 1992 Score Series 1. 16 cards per pack.

Jody Reed - Red Sox - Free Agent
Barry Larkin - Reds - Fan of Reds (Wahoo!!)
Charlie Leibrandt - Braves - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)
Doc Gooden - Mets - Community Gum (Wahoo!!)
Mike Pagliarulo - Twins - Free Agent
Kent Mercker - Braves - Free Agent
Craig Lefferts - Padres - Free Agent
Jay Bell - Pirates - Free Agent
Ron Hassey - Expos - Davidinark
John Smoltz - Braves - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)
Thomas Howard - Padres - Free Agent
Marvin Freeman - Braves - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
John Olerud - Blue Jays - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
John Candelaria - Dodgers - BConrad (Wahoo!!)
Ron Jones - Phillies - Free Agent
Ken Patterson - White Sox - Free Agent

Okay. Whoa. Wait a minute. Jay Bell is a free agent!? That is crazy. Okay, I guess we just haven't picked him out of a pack yet. Actually, I'm surprised BConrad hadn't picked him in the open drafts. Well, moving on, we have a pair of players for the Cap'n! Congrats to everyone else snagging these "classics" for their stacks o' wax!

Our second pack is 1988 Donruss. 15 cards and a Stan Musial puzzle per pack.

Stan Musial Puzzle 1, 2, 3 - Stealing Home (Wahoo!!)
Steve Ontiveros - A's - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
Ken Williams - White Sox - Free Agent
Keith Moreland - Cubs - Patrick Smith (Wahoo!!)
Mike Loynd - Rangers - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Mark Williamson - Orioles - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Mike Scott - Astros - Samuel Pair (Wahoo!!)
Steve Trout - Yankees - Free Agent
Craig Lefferts - Giants - Free Agent
Kirk McCaskill - Angels - Akgonzolyn (Wahoo!!)
Fred Lynn - Orioles - Ajpca (Wahoo!!)
Chris Bosnio - Brewers - Free Agent
Jose Mesa - Orioles - Workman (Wahoo!!)
Hubie Brooks - Expos - ScottCrawfordOnCards (Wahoo!!)
Bryn Smith - Expos - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Rick Sutcliffe - Cubs - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)

Wow, back-to-back pull for Thorzul! A pair of players for Akgonzolyn and quite a few managers with cards added to their collections. How weird to pull Craig Lefferts from two different packs, from two different manufacturers, on two different teams. More twilight zone stuff here...

*Surely, you know THAT quote!


  1. Come on, come on. This way to TFOS

  2. can't wait to claim craig lefferts next time - great dodger stadium shot!

  3. sweet! That '92 Score Charlie Leibrandt is the last series 1 Braves card I need.

    Open some series 2 now! a LOT of series 2....

  4. Awesome, Cap! Now, just remember that you pulled it here so you don't ask for it in one of your posts.. Haha! ;-)