Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Allen & Ginter Hobby Box Group Break

UPDATE: This group break is open to ANYONE! :-) You do not have to be in the season break to take part in the A&G break.

Okay, enough of the votes are in, and the majority of you said you'd like a team group break.

You know me and my "try to keep things fair" mentality, right?  As you may have figured out, I have opened everything in anticipation of scoring my Gint-A-Cuffs entry.

16 teams have 5 or more cards from my box break. 14 teams had fewer than 5 cards in my box. Below is a list of 15 teams that had 5 or more cards (actually, only 3 teams had five cards - all the others in the list had more than five).  For each team you select, I will randomly assign a second team.  Subset cards can be had for $1 per category (ex: $1 for all Peacemakers, $1 for all First Americans, etc).

The buy in for each team pairing is $7, shipping included. You choose a team below and get a random team with it. Buy as many as you want, first come-first serve. Subset categories are first come-first serve and can be purchased separately from the team cards. Non-Baseball cards will be randomly distributed among the purchased cards (team and/or subset, randomly).

Leave a comment below to tell me which team(s) you want to claim.  Then, send payment via Paypal to davidinark -a-t- yahoo -d-o-t- com. Be sure to tell which team(s) you are buying and/or which Subset. And include your address.

Teams up for grabs (in no specific order) ($7 per team, plus you get another random team):

  • Orioles + Random (Kevin)
  • Braves + Random (Captain Canuck - PAID)
  • Red Sox + Random (Chris - PAID)
  • Phillies + Random (Richard - PAID)
  • Blue Jays + Random (Chris - PAID)
  • Nationals + Random (Workman - PAID)
  • Reds + Random (Chris - PAID)
  • Tigers + Random (JediJeff - PAID)
  • Pirates + Random (BConrad - PAID)
  • Twins + Random
  • Cardinals + Random (Madding - PAID)
  • Diamondbacks + Random
  • Angels + Random
  • Dodgers + Random (Stealing Home - PAID)
  • Rangers + Random (Play at the Plate)
There is another team with 5 or more cards that will randomly assigned to one of the pairings above). 

Subset Categories ($1 each category, assorted quantities each):
  • Martial Mastery (Madding - PAID)
  • Palaces and Strongholds (Chris - PAID)
  • Peacemakers (Play at the Plate)
  • One Little Corner (Chris - PAID)
  • Civilizations Through the Ages (JMeeks - PAID)
  • First Americans (Play at the Plate)
  • Inquiring Minds (J Meeks - PAID)
  • Heavy Hangs the Head (J Meeks - PAID)
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon Cabinet Card (JediJeff - PAID)
I will open this up until 5 PM CST Sunday, August 18, 2013 unless all slots are filled before that. As soon as slots are filled or the deadline is reached, I will make the random assignments. Then, stay tuned for the pack break post(s)!

*Bonus: If all team slots are bought before the deadline, I will use the collected proceeds to buy another box of 2013 A&G Hobby for a group break/Gint-A-Cuffs entry. Why not, right?


  1. Put me down for the Rangers, the First Americans and the Peacemakers.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Put me down for the Cardinals and Martial Mastery.

  4. I would like the Blue Jays, Palaces and Strongholds, and One Little Corner, please.

  5. Great! Thanks! You are marked down as reserved for those spots.

  6. David, can I get Civilizations through the Ages, Heavy Hangs the Head and Inquiring Minds subsets? Thanks!!! (payment coming)

  7. I'll take the Nationals. Thanks!

  8. I'll go for the pirates if still open

  9. Gotcha! Everyone to Captain Canuck should be listed with their team(s)/card(s).

  10. Go ahead and put me in for my Phillies...

  11. Don't you have another box coming your way? ;)

    1. You tell me! Haha! I know you know this, but those that don't: the box I won from Crackin' Wax was awarded AFTER I had decided to do this break and make the offer of another box if all the slots are filled. Which, it doesn't look promising for that to happen. That just means I'll randomly distribute the unclaimed cards to those who bought spots. :-)

  12. Well, let me pick up some cards and hope my random in the White Sox. I'll take the Tiger and that cabinet card. Payment being made right.....

  13. I'll take the Reds and Red Sox, too. Payment will be sent momentarily.

    1. The cards I am really after from this set, though, are a Phil Heath Relic and Auto and a McKayla Maroney Auto (already have relics for her).