Monday, August 12, 2013

The $5.00 Thorzul Challenge

Some time ago, Thorzul laid down a challenge: send him what you could buy on eBay for five bucks, including the shipping. I went to eBay, searched for baseball cards and skipped over 3-4 pages. I found a lot of 48 Josh Hamilton cards for less than $5 total. I didn't even look to see what was in there. I snagged it.  Turned out to be some decent cards.

(Image of the cards I bought stolen from Thorzul's site because I forgot to scan them before I mailed them off)

There were duplicates in there, and I thought about keeping a couple for my non-Tribe collection, but decided that the integrity of the game was more important.

Here's where you come in: Visit Thorzul's voting page and choose your favorite $5 item and your least favorite $5 item. I almost voted for the bent-up Thome because, well, it *IS* Thome...
(Voting is on the right of the page)

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  1. Based on the voting so far, it looks like a good number of those cards will be coming back to you.