Monday, August 26, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: I think we're in the Twilight Zone

After the craziness we saw where two managers had been left off the draft because Google Forms had not posted their info until after I ran the draft, several managers spoke and said we should have a "do over." I did not hear any detractors, and folks actually wanted a do-over in the name of fairness.

What ensued is one of the most bizarre drafts we've had.

For starters, Akgonzolyn was the top slot in the previous draft. He said something about the odds of him pulling the same spot again in the do-over. He did. When the names came up, Akgonzolyn sat at the top of the list (see below). I ended up at the bottom. In the first draft, we had two shut-outs. After the do-over, we had three shut-outs. One of those was poor Jeff, whose entries were among those missing in the first draft! The other two ended up being the same folks shut out of the first try. Some managers got some of the same players, while most of us shifted things around a bit compared to last time.

I am still planning to close the drafts on Sunday nights but not run them until Monday because of the weird Google Forms issue.

The entries as they initially appeared. You can see the bottom two are time-stamped BEFORE several other entries, yet they did not show up until after the draft had run without them. Weird.

Here is the new random list:

Here are the names in random order before the draft starts:

And here are the new final results:

I will post an updated player/manager list soon. Is it a full moon outside? It's got to be...


  1. Guess I need to buy me a lottery ticket--what are the odds??

    1. The odds (assuming we knew ahead of time there would be two drawings and you wanted to know the odds for any given particular name to be drawn twice first in a row before anyone was actually drawn) are 1/899 (1/29 * 1/31). That is, 1/29 were the odds of your name being drawn in the first draft and 1/31 in the second. Now, since we already knew you were drawn first in the first one, then the odds of being drawn for the second are actually just 1/31. But, 1/899 sounds way better, and is more reflective of what we're asking here.. or answering here... or something.

  2. If it wasn't for disappointments, I wouldn't have any appointments.

    1. Hahaha! Nice. That's a new one on me. I'll have to use it. Should I 'dash' you to give you credit?

  3. Wound up second to last, but I'm still pretty happy with the turnout. Even better that you were able to stay fair to everyone.