Monday, August 26, 2013

A draft do-over?

Several folks (both publicly and privately) have expressed that they would be okay with a "mulligan" or a "do-over" for the most recent draft, given the Google Forms issue (see previous post).

If you have an objection to a do-over, please let me know (either leave a comment or send an email to If there are no objections (by participating managers) by 8pm CST tonight, I'll re-run the draft and make necessary player assignment adjustments.

Thanks for your feedback, everyone!


  1. I'll chime in here with my Okey Dokey as well. Re-Run it...


  2. I finally get first pick and now it's not statistically likely to happen again--but I'm all for fairness so a do over is fine by me (fingers crossed)

  3. No problem with a do-over here either.