Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Bubbleopes are Coming! The Bubbleopes are Coming!

(The image for this card is one of the earliest pictures of myself)

I have loaded all the Allen and Ginter's Group Break results into bubble envelopes.  The Cabinet Card, though, will be shipped in a document mailer.  Everything will ship on Monday! So, hopefully by the end of this coming week, participants will have their goodies!  Thanks to everyone that played along! I am putting together another group break soon!

I dunno why I decided to make a 1978-based Topps card of when I was a baby roughly 10 years before the design. I thought about doing a '69 Topps version but they are none too exciting. Granted, the design above might not be all flash and flair but it is more than just block text and a circle... Google it. You'll see.

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