Sunday, March 10, 2013

UGH, Draft Sheet was wrong.

Thanks to a couple folks, who were paying better attention than I was, noticed a few problems with the Draft results. I have a printed sheet that I will post. Something got lost in translation from the printer form to the online pick sheet.

I am redoing the online pick results to match what I have on the printed sheet. This should not change the results, just make them clearer. And, if it affects certain player picks, I will figure out what to do.

Sorry about that, folks! Stay tuned!

UPDATE (9:35pm CST, 03/10/13): UGH, so I discovered the main problem with my draft technique - I didn't keep a separate record of each round. So, when you look at the final tally (which does have a mistake, but I am fixing that), things don't seem to add up.

VolleyGod does *NOT* get "Chipper" as was listed. Instead, his pick for round 1 gets him Greg Maddux, as explained below.

As each player was selected, that player was eliminated from any other slots and the choices were collapsed to the left to fill the spaces left by those eliminated choices.  Therefore, when looking at the flat spreadsheet, it appears people with higher ranks may not have received the players they though they were getting because of the collapsing snake system.  In retrospect, as mentioned above, I should have recorded the results of each round in order for everyone to fully understand the system.

Please note: The spreadsheet lists the final player picks. They are **NOT** in the order in which they were picked, necessarily. Please note that "Player #" does **NOT** correspond to a draft round pick #. They are totally unrelated, as explained above and as seen below.

Here is how the draft went for the first round, and maybe that will shed some light on subsequent rounds:

wicked4life gets Dontrelle Willis
james.a.haynes gets Chipper Jones
trhdds gets Joe Charboneau
Volleygod Loses "Chipper" so his Player 2 choice shifts over to fill the gap. He gets Greg Maddux.
Fanofreds gets Barry Larkin
akgonzolyn gets Roy Halliday
mark.aubrey gets Sandy Koufax
2x3heroes gets Buerhle
dawgbones gets Utley
gcrl gets Garvey
patrick.m.smith gets Griffey Jr
mrcoach00 gets Wood
goblue2112 gets Johnson
bp_weber gets Trammell
communitygum gets S. Castro
jccsst1022 gets Konerko
DonSherm gets Verlander
prowlingcat03 gets Nolan Ryan
borosny gets Jim Edmonds
ajpca07 gets Ted Williams
matthew.t.wils gets Pujols
workman41 gets Ripken Jr
netchuc loses Koufax so his player 2 shifts to fill the gap. He gets Babe Ruth.
pedersej loses S. Castro so his Player 2 shifts to fill the gap. He gets Ryne Sandberg. gets Gwynn
eg9460 gets Clemente
SamuelPair loses Nolan Ryan so his Player 2 shifts to fill the gap. He gets Biggio.
davidinark gets Thome
dayf13 loses Chipper Jones, so his Player 2 shifts over. He gets Heyward
padrographs loses Gwynn so his Player 2 shifts. He gets Richards
bconrad gets McCutchen
cardanathema loses Sandberg so his Player 2 shifts. He gets Bo jackson
jafronious loses Maddux and Sandberg, so his player 3 shifts over. He gets Andre Dawson.
e_rose gets Molina
sngldddy gets Kershaw
tim_gretchen loses Pujols, so player 2 shifts. He gets Fielder
irishtribefan gets bryce harper
nightlife77 loses Kershaw. player 2 shifts so he gets fernando
brauer144 gets thomas
brownpg gets berra
josh.denhartog loses ripken, player 2 shifts. he gets brett
paul.hadsall gets carter
bsnider gets clark
dominicfdny gets pedroia
jrbeasley loses ryan gets kinsler
kerry biggs gets ozzie

Round 2 starts with biggs

kerrybiggs lost edmonds, so carpenter shifts over from Player 3 to his 2nd round pick
jrbeasley gets hamilton because everything shifted left
dominicfdny lost hamilton, so his 2nd pick nets him Ortiz
and so on and so on


  1. Haha, PatP. I didn't catch that. I needed that bit of humor. Thanks! :-)

  2. I lost Chipper??? crap.

    ah well, what you gonna do? Thanks for all your work Dave... hopefully you can get to the fun part soon.... opening packs!