Friday, March 22, 2013

2nd Draft Picks

Okay, everyone, sorry for not posting this last night, but the family rented "Wreck-It-Ralph" and that took priority - for me, family always wins over everything else.

I had an interesting thing happen: two people (Andr340 and scottcrawfordoncards) that missed the first draft chimed in for the 2nd draft. As it turns out, their picks had no direct bearing on the picks. That is, their choices were not selected by anyone else or their choices had already been selected.

Of course, the real question: should they be allowed in since they missed the initial sign-up? I'm going with yes. It's my party, I make the rules. Having said that, though, registration is closed. I just can't keep up with who gets what if I keep adding folks. :-)

So, without further adieu, here is a link to the 2nd draft results. Green means that participant gets that player. Red means that person does not get the player because it was selected earlier (either in the first draft or in the 2nd one).

I will create a master sheet of everyone's picks that will be used as I bust open packs this season.

2nd Draft Pick Results: Right Here, Right Now

Oh, Andr340 and scottcrawfordoncards, please email your mailing address info to me (even if I already have it). Thanks!

UPDATE: Duh, Scott was already on the list. He missed out on the round 1 draft, which is what I used to check registrations. My other "bad" was that Borosny gets Chris Perez. I'm glad I have you guys to double check my work.  Then again, by the end of the season, I may have mutiny on my hands!


  1. It looks like you awarded Chris Perez to two different people - borosny and davidinark.
    Also, kudos to whoever picked Moose Skowron. That was either a bold selection or they were going for Mariner Moose in the mascot draft.

  2. Thanks for letting the half-asleep guy sneak into the party!

  3. Oops, thanks for the catch Workman! My bad - Borosny gets Chris Perez. Scott, I realized after I posted this that you had signed up, but missed out on the first round. Hopefully you'll grab some more during the season, too!