Friday, March 8, 2013

Still... drafting... along...

Things go a bit busy in the ol' personal life, so I have about half the draft done. This time, though, I am doing it correctly so I won't have to start over!

Since I am new to the drafting process, I discovered the 'snake draft' which means I go down the list for round one, then up the list for round two, and so on.  This has worked out so much better!

Now, as I figure out just which players go to which participants, the distribution seems much fairer and somewhat more even.  Though, some folks are getting fewer and fewer choices because many players are picked by by the same folks - or at least more than one person.

So far, Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken Jr lead the pack with 12 picks each! There could be a fight on our hands should trading get crazy.

Speaking of trading, Mark A had a cool trading idea that I hope I can pull off before the season starts: Once the final picks are posted, let folks do a pre-break trade.  That is, folks could trade players before any packs are opened. I hope to have the draft done this weekend so I can then open up the trade floor. We'll see how that goes.

This is getting exciting, especially since I have the "inside" view of which players are going to which participants. No fear, I'll be posting that as soon as everything is sorted!

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  1. It will all work out Dave, especially if I get Nolan Ryan... or Cal!!