Saturday, March 9, 2013

Draft Picks and Trade Days

Hey everyone!!  The initial player draft is over!  We had one person who managed to snag all 20 of their player picks: BoRosny. Nice job!

I explained in my last post that I used a 'snake-style' draft.  I believe the most accurate term is a 'collapsing snake-style draft.'  That is, when a player was removed from your list, the reaming choices you had were then 'collapsed' to the front of your line. Each round alternated the pick order - odds went from 1-46, evens went from 46-1.  I think that was the fairest way to do it. You may agree, you may disagree. Either way, we're talking about free bits of cardboard here, so let's not get too crazy about it, okay?

There were several requests for Team Cards. I am handling team cards differently this season, so those requests were simply marked off the list.

I did have a request for the Phillie Phanatic, and I granted that one.  If any more of you wish to lay claim to a mascot before Opening Day, fill out the Mascot Draft Form (you may try to draft ONE mascot).

Initial Draft Results: Look Here! 

Now, let's talk trade days. Today is March 09, 2013. I will give TWO WEEKS for trades to happen.  That should give me a week afterward to finalize things and get ready for some Opening Day Pack-Bustin!

Initial Draft Trades will work this way:
  • Look over your picks and the other picks, using the Results link above.
  • Use the Trade Request Form to make your trade request (one player for one player)
  • There is a link to see what's been offered/requested once you fill out the form. If you'd like, I can make that live BEFORE you submit so you can see what's already out there. Just let me know your thoughts on that.
  • Once a trade is received, *I* will contact the folks involved via email.  When an outcome is reached, I will post the results on the site and update the master spreadsheet (if needed).
  • If multiple trades come in for the same player, I will try to combine those into one email so you know which choices you have, but remember: you will have access to the trade proposal list at any time as well.
  • Once a trade is done, it is final. Subsequent trades would have to be arranged between new owners, if applicable.
I hope this works the way I think it will... Haha, if not, we'll chalk it up to a learning experience. :-)


  1. Awesome! Able to land Tony Gwynn with the 25th pick, and got all but three of my players (Ryan, Ripken, and Konerko, all taken in the 1st round). This is looking very cool David, thanks for putting it together!

  2. I got my main PC guy Frank Thomas, thanks for putting all this together!

  3. Surprised I got as many cards as I did considering how many people were in the draft... 6 out of my to 10 ain't bad either.

    And Mascots, you say? don't mind if I do.

  4. It was cool to watch things develop as I went through the draft. The whole time certain names would come up, I'd say to myself, "Oh, man! I should have picked him!" or I'd think, "Oh, if I would have put so-and-so earlier in my list!" But, that is the nature of drafting, isn't it? I loved doing it "collapsing snake style" since a pick someone had way down on their list could suddenly make it to the next round because of the elimination of other choices in that person's list. It was a lot of work, for sure, but like I said, it was very cool watching things develop. Now, I have a couple weeks to get the rules lined out as we head into BASEBALL SEASON!!