Friday, March 1, 2013

Get Your Draft Picks On!

Hey folks!
  Sign-up for the 2013 Giveaway ended yesterday. So, if you didn't get in by 11:59pm last night, I'm afraid you'll have to watch from the stands!

  If you have signed up for the Tribecards Giveaway from Outer Space thingy, be sure you enter some names for the initial player draft.  I hope to get the initial draft hammered out by Sunday evening (March 3).  Once the draft is done, I'll post the results.

The draft is *NOT* the only way you will get players!  During the season, as I open up packs, you will be able to throw your name in the hat for unclaimed players. I am still hammering out the system for that, but it will not be first-come/first-serve.  Everyone will have an equal shot at claiming players that were previously not chosen.

This season should be a lot of fun!


  1. How many participants are there? Just curious.

    1. Great question! We have 52 registered participants! I see a deck of cards bonus promotion in the works! :-)