Tuesday, March 12, 2013

By popular request

After the results from the initial player draft were posted, I had several folks ask if there would be/could be another draft round. I'm all for adding fun to the game, so why not?

Remember: There will be LOTS of opportunities to add players during the season as we open packs and uncover unpicked players.

Here is how this will work:
  • Enter up to six (6) player names (1 per line on form)
  • 2nd Draft will close on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 12 Noon.
  • All entrants will be randomized to determine draft pick order.
  • Snake format, non-collapsing (see below).
  • Obviously, names from the initial draft have already been selected. Please don't use those for this.
  • Selections will be hidden until after the draft to prevent "sniping."
  • If you missed the first draft, you can get in on this one, if you want!
Snake, non-collapsing format:

Entrants will be randomized to determine draft order. 
Each round will alternate ascending then descending by draft order.
1st entry gets their player 1 pick. If anyone else picked that name, it is removed from other entrant lists.
If a player in your pick list has been eliminated previously, you skip that round and get no one.

Small-scale Example:

Entrant Name Player 01 Player 02 Player 03 Player 04 Player 05 Player 06
qazxsw Q. Jones W. Erty E. Nigma R. Ureddie T. Fortoo I. Bethere
mnbvc U. Noit I. Bethere W. Erty O. Ceycan P. Indapoole D. Fense
yhnbgt Q. Jones I. Bethere A. Nonymous S. Daspirit E. Nigma R. Ureddie

(Down) (Up) (Down) (Up) (Down) (Up)

Okay, assuming I did that right, the green indicates the players the particular entrant gets. Red indicates eliminated names through duplication.

Here is the link for the 2nd Draft:

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  1. Whew! You totally caught me sleeping with draft round 1, but I still managed to find a few players I wouldn't mind having. Thanks for doing this!