Thursday, March 21, 2013

Drafting along...

Hey, everyone!

Here are the claimed furry friends of the field:

Dawgbones - Phillie Phanatic
BConrad04 - Pirate Parrot
Dayf - Rangers Captain
Workman41 - Slider
Paul.Hadsall - Mr. Met
Dominicfdny - Wally Monster

If I forgot someone, let me know. Otherwise, the remaining mascots will be up for claim during the season.

As for the 2nd draft, here are the randomized results:

It is taking me a bit longer than anticipated to run the second draft. Some folks chose names that were already selected from the first draft. Once I work through that, we'll be rolling!

We are getting close and closer to kicking this thing off. In fact, there may even be a couple "pre-season" packs to get us warmed up!

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