Sunday, March 10, 2013

Update: Draft Results Scan

Hey folks, here is the scan of the initial draft results. If you have not read my previous post about how all this works, please do so.  Remember, this is the flat file and does not show the manner in which things "collapsed" to the left during the draft.

On here, you can see where I highlighted and crossed off names as the draft progressed.  I went DOWN the first column. When I first encountered a name, I highlighted it. Then, I took a sharpie and crossed off every other instance of the same name. For the record, I used the electronic version to "Find All" in order to locate said duplicate names.  Also note: I had already started moving rows to the left before I got smart about it and printed the thing out. I'm a little slow to catch on sometimes.  So, this will not exactly match the raw draft picks file. But, if you compare the two, you can see just what was going on there.

When I got to the bottom of the first row, I went up the second row, finding the next available name for the participant's picks.  That means that if I came across a blacked out name, I looked to the right for the next open name in that participant's list.  I highlighted that name and crossed off all other instances of the name in the list.

When I got to the top of the second column, I went DOWN the third, rinse, lather repeat until all names were either highlighted or blacked out.

I did have a mistake in which "Clemons" was spelled wrong, so I didn't catch it until I was done. But, I made the executive decision to give it to the rightful person who picked it first and crossed it off from the other person I had accidentally assigned it to.  I thought that was fair enough.

I hope the image looks readable when you click on it.

I did the best I could. I know not everyone will agree that it went down the way they see it or how they thought it should, and I appreciate that. But, this is the final tally (what is posted online, that is).  Thanks for playing along.

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