Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting a bit 'drafty'

Hey folks!  Sorry that the draft results aren't up yet. Boy, I had no idea what I was stepping into with a 20-player draft across 40+ participants! Haha!  It's all good.  It would even be better if I had caught a mistake I made before reaching the halfway point in the draft, but that's all part of life! Live and learn, pick up the pieces and try again, right?

In the meantime, I can show you where the Random.org list shuffle landed you on the draft list (see below). We had 46 people sign up for the inital draft.  I should have the draft completed in the next couple days.  And, soon after that: pack-bustin' time!


  1. As Gil Renard said; Let's play some ******** baseball

  2. Glad everyone is getting excited!! Wahoo!! Mr. Biggs... Sorry, man. Maybe you'll end up with the most mojo of the group!