Saturday, September 29, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 177 - Better Late, right?

This is actually Friday's post, but it appears on a Saturday.  Welp, no "Iron Man" record for the 182 packs posts. Haha, like there was one.

Saturday's post will arrive later today.  So, for Friday, we have a pack of 1991 Studio, and it appears to be the last one of the season:

Rod Carew - Twins - Puzzle Piece (55, 56, 57)
Rich Gossage - Rangers
Storm Davis - Royals
Sam Horn - Orioles
Willie Randolph - Brewers
Roger Clemens - Red Sox
Bobby Bonilla - Pirates
Rob Dibble - Reds
Pedro Guerrero - Cardinals
Jeff Bagwell - Astros
Carlton Fisk - White Sox

Wow, this would have been a fun pack to open back in '19 for sure. What makes it fun today is the appearance of a few players that would ultimately go one to immortality in the BBHOF!

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