Sunday, September 9, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 158 - Red, White, and Who?

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Ladies and gentlemen, rev your engines! We've got mind-blowing pack busting going on here, but it only happens on Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Okay, sure, it happens EVERYDAY during the regular season, but we have to have some fun around here, right?

Today's pack comes to us from Fleer: 1994 Fleer Ultra Series II

Keith Garagozzo - Twins
Jack Morris - Indians - WAHOO! Let's Go Tribe!
Rick Krivda - Orioles
John Valentin - Red Sox
Jody Reed - Brewers
Gary DiSarcina - Angels
Javier Lopez - Braves
Bobby Jones - Mets
Derek Parks - Twins
Checklist - No clue who is on it
Bill Wegmen - Brewers
Jose Vizcaino - Mets
Tom Marsh - Phillies
David Justice - Braves - Ultra All-Star

Wow. I have no idea who some of these folks are. Granted, I am not a walking baseball encyclopedia, either. Garagozzo? Krivda? Marsh? Well, hopefully you team fans/smarter collectors have an idea. I do know Jack, though - contrary to popular belief.


  1. You know, that catcher on he checklist could very well be a bullpen catcher. Maybe he knew somebody who worked for Fleer and they promised to find a way to get him his own baseball card... even though he was only a bullpen catcher.


    1. Sounds as plausible as anything else in my book!

  2. Can I make my third category major leaguers you never heard of?

    1. Hahaha, if you'd like to lay claim to any doubles/triples left over from other sorting that fit the "Dave's never heard of 'em" category, why not!