Monday, September 24, 2012

Dupes, Trips and a Bobblehead from BaseballDad!

If you are a regular reader of Baseball Dad's, you know that he recently attended an Indians game in which he was given THREE Gaylord Perry Bobbleheads, just for talking to a family sitting at a table.  I am the amazingly blessed recipient of one of those!

The Gaylord Perry Bobblehead (er, still in the box, but he will be freed upon the completion of this post!):

Also included in the package are a group of 1990 Leaf Indians:

One of my all-time favorite sets from Upper Deck: The B.A.T. "Heroes of Baseball" fold-outs.  Baseball Dad included four of them, featuring Indians greats:

You want to know how one person can have an immediate and lasting effect?  Joe Charboneau. He played one full season and part of another, but was taken out of baseball due to back problems. Yet, his name is synonymous with 80's Indians baseball. How many other one-year players can say that?

One of my favorite parts of most of the packages that Jack sends me: The Batter Up! from the game(s) he attended.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate these. Very cool!

Thank you, Baseball Dad!  I am returning the favor with a few things soon (er, well, after the '182 packs')!

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