Monday, September 24, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 173 - A Pair of Twins

Whew. Monday is over.  The advantage to keeping busy at work: the day FLIES by! The smart person would get home, bust open a pack of cards, then be ready to settle in for the evening. I am not the smart person. Instead, I wait until the day has nearly passed completely and THEN the pack-busting post comes to life. Ah, such are the ways of the procrastinator.

As it is, we have only NINE DAYS left in the regular season. Just nine days. And this is the second-to-the-last Monday to boot.  It almost too much to bear. Let's rip one: 2006 Topps Series 2

The wrapper says there are 6 cards. If we score a relic, there will be four cards. Let's take a look:

Luis Castillo - Twins
Johan Santana - Twins
Russ Ortiz - Diamondbacks
Bobby Jenks - White Sox
Yorvit Torrealba - Rockies
Michael Young - Rangers

Welp, we pulled six. No relics.  A couple of Twins. Hey, that's a pun or irony or something. Castillo's picture shows him in a warmup jacket. Really? THAT'S his card photo? Yeesh.

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