Saturday, September 15, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 164 - Wild hogs

Well, the Razorbacks helped Alabama with their Saturday afternoon workout.  This is not a rebuilding year for the Hogs. It is a "we don't know how to handle that little brown thing full of air" year. I spent much of the afternoon watching my son play Battlefield 3 on his XBox. In fact, as I type this, i don't even know the final score of the Razorbacks game. I'm a fan, but sometimes, you just have to walk away from the screen. I learned that from decades of being an Indians fan.

Some people question my honest look at the Tribe. How can anyone who is a true fan of any team not be willing to look things over and know what's good, bad, or ugly? As I said, I have been a fan of the Indians for decades.  In fact, in a couple years, it will have been FOUR decades.  I know when they are good, when they are great, and when they, "suck balls."  Any true fan should be willing to admit it when their team free falls.  Does it mean I love the team any less? Nope. it just means we get another try next season.

On the upside, there are still plenty of games left in the regular season.  At Tribecards, that translates to more packs still to open!  Like this one: 2005 Fleer Ultra Retail.

Corey Patterson - Cubs
Melvin Mora - Orioles
Dontrelle Willis - Marlins
 Matt Morris - Cardinals
Flair Promo Card
Todd Helton - Rockies
Bobby Crosby - A's
Dave Bush - Blue Jays - All-Rookies
Mike Lieberthal - Phillies Promo Card

The Dave Bush All-Rookies has bronze lettering. I don't know if all the A-R cards do or if that is some kind of insert. Anyone with more knowledge (and quicker access to a catalog) than I have is welcome to chime in.  The fonts in general on these look like something someone found online and decided to use in a card set.  Of course in 2005, that is very likely.

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  1. man, i loved Fleer Ultra! When I was a kid, that and Stadium Club and Pinnacle were the only things I'd spend money on. Haven't seen these newfangled models, but they look almost as good as their early 90s counterparts.

    The Lieberthal and Crosby cards look good... and the Crosby is even cooler because it'll be mine!

    Glad you're still keeping up with this. Sorry about your Razorbacks.