Tuesday, September 11, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 160 - Never Forget

It's hard to believe September 11, 2001 was eleven years ago today.  I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing (at work, ultimately watching in disbelief, shock and horror). I've seen many different bumper stickers, profile pictures, t-shirts, etc that say, "9/11: Never forgive, Never forget."  I agree with the latter part of that statement. But, "Never forgive?" No way. I believe we have to forgive in order to release that ugly, nasty negative energy from our bodies. We never forget, though, because (for me), remembering is a way of honoring those who lost their lives. For me, it is like Pearl Harbor, Challenger, and Columbia: remember those who gave everything, even when they didn't know they were going to.

I don't have any "Americana" themed packs for today.  The closest I have are 2006 Opening Day and a pack of 2008 Trading Card History Hobby Starter Pack.  So, here we go:

Opening Day:

Ben Sheets - Brewers
Brayan Pena - Braves
Randy Johnson - Yankees
Steve Finley - Giants
Mark Prior - Cubs
Livan Hernandez - Nationals
Jim Edmonds - Cardinals - SI Kids Max Action
Work Hard, Get Cards Promo

I cannot help but think of Brian Regan's routine regarding the way people spell their names when I look at Brayan Pena...

Trading Card History Starter:

Ryan Howard - Phillies
David Wright - Mets
Chin-Lung Hu - Dodgers
Jimmy Rollins - Phillies
Ken Griffey Jr - Reds

I've posted about these before.  This is an extra pack I found laying around, so I threw into the mix. Why not, right?

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