Monday, September 3, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 152 - Let Us Labor

Many of us, I presume, had the day off in order to celebrate Labor Day.  As my preacher pointed out on Sunday, Labor Day is a day in which we celebrate the laborer by not laboring. Only in America. (I added the last part. I have no idea if there are equivalents in other countries)

My labor today mainly consisted of manning the annual family cookout.  It is one job that, if it were a paying job, I would be relieved of my duties before the first burger even hit the grill.  I just don't have the whole timing thing down - just how long do you wait between lighting 'em up and puttin 'em down? I usually go for the "most are greyed over" approach. Today, though, I did that, and before I knew it, things had reignited (which is *not* the same as the song by Peaches and Herb) into a full-out flame war (not the kind you find online, either). 

Oh well, scrape off the burnt bits and it still tastes pretty danged good.

My other labor, one of love and habit more than anything else: busting wax.  As an aside, and I probably mentioned this already, but my ever-increasing sometimers allows me to say it again, my daughter and her friends LOVE to watch my "Baseball Rap" video.  I think it is because it shows a side of me that I rarely truly let out.  Whatever the reason, the effect of watching her Dad over and over on YouTube is that my daughter now walks through the house, randomly spouting, "I gotta cardboard habit that I need to feed!"  I can't help but be proud.

Today, I'm opening a pack of "Evens."  If you've been following along, even for a little while, you probably recognize that as 1998 Stadium Club Hobby - The Evens.  I never looked for The Odds. Maybe next season. I'm in a rather musical mood today, so let's see if I can tie each card to a song:

Al Leiter - Marlins ("You Can Call Me Al")
Arthur Rhodes - Orioles ("China Road")
Alan Benes - Cardinals ("Benny and the Jets")
Jeff Bagwell - Astros ("Somebody's Watching Me")*
Alex Rodriguez - Mariners - Playing With Passion ("Flashdance")**
Alex Rodriguez - Mariners ("Double Mint, Double Mint, Double Mint Gum")***
Hideo Nomo - Dodgers ("Mr. Roboto")
Wade Boggs - Rays - Expansion ("Hey, Jude")****
Marquis Grissom - Brewers - Transactions ("Call Me Maybe")*****
Checklist 2 of 2 ("Your Kiss Is On My List")

While I think most are self-explanatory, I made a few notes to help you navigate the twisted innards of my mind... The A-Rod "Passion" card - SMOKIN!

* - Okay, for Bagwell, I thought of Rockwell, which made me think of that song.

** - From the line, "Take your passion..." which I had thought (when I was a younger man) was "Take your pants down... and make it happen..." You can see where my mind was in those days.

*** - Look, I didn't say they were GOOD songs...

**** - I have no idea. It just popped in my head. I think because of "Wade" - it kinda rhymes with Hey.  I'm tellin' ya, the space between my ears is a scary place.

***** - "Here's my number... So call me Marquis." - Not in "Call me, Marquis" but rather as if though someone were saying it wrong and he was correcting them. See? Scary.

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