Saturday, September 22, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 171 - G-J-J-Just Bustin Wax

Hey there, folks! Welcome back to another edition of "182 Packs!"  Thanks for dropping by to see what we've got going.  I know some folks check in to see if their chosen player/team/selected criterion-based card(s) appear, while others just stop by to join the fun. I appreciate everyone who takes a look at what we've got going on around here.

Tonight, I've got a pack of 2005 UD First Pitch.We have a 1:720 chance of finding a Signature Stars card, according to the pack. Let's see if we hit pay dirt today:

Geoff Jenkins - Brewers
Justin Morneau - Twins
Justin Germano - Padres - Star Rookies
Jason DuBois - Cubs - Star Rookies
Mike Mussina - Yankees

Well, no autograph, but we did pull a couple Star Rookies cards. Only 11 more days left in the regular season. In a sick, demented kind of way, I am going to miss these daily posts after the regular season comes to an end.  Sure, there will be posts - just not every, single day.

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