Sunday, September 2, 2012

182 Packs of Baseball - Day 151 - The Wizard and The Doc

Welcome to Sunday Night Pack Breaks!  Okay, okay, I should say: Welcome to Sunday's pack break. I think I could say, "Hey, we're opening a pack of card over here!" and it would garner the same response: "Oh, yeah!? Well, whaddya got, buddy?"  Maybe not.

Tonight brings a chance for duplicates.  Why?  Because we've got yet another pack of 1997 Pinnacle Hobby.  I said from the beginning - I have LOTS of these (as well of other brands/years that are multiple packs of their respective kind).

Amaury Telemaco - Cubs
Justin Thompson - Tigers
Rey Ordonez - Mets
Alex Gonzalez - Blue Jays
Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
Alan Trammell - Tigers
Pat Hentgen - Blue Jays
Dwight Gooden - Yankees
Ernie Young - A's
Chipper Jones - Braves

Wow! The Wizard and the Doc in one pack! That is what makes these so much fun to break. Toss in a little Chipper for good measure.  Heck, some of the others aren't a bad draw either.  I have never heard of Amaury, though. Hope that's a nice pull for Cubs fans....

*Helpful hint 107: When scanning cards, make sure the cards are actually *ON* the scanner before executing the command.

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