Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday

It's been a few weeks since I last posted about the Turfdiggers.  Basically, the team had been falling down and down without any glimmer of hope.  Or so I thought.  This past week, the Turfdiggers pulled a decisive win over the Stumbling Blox, nabbing 74.10 points.

The number one reason for the win? The Steelers defense - 3 INTs and 2 TDs. Gotta love the Black-n-Gold!

As usual, though, I benched most of the highest-performing players on my team.  I truly have no knack for knowing which players to play and which to bench.  For me, the whole thing is a crap shoot, and usually that is exactly what I come up with.  This week, I put Hines Ward and Felix Jones on the sidelines. Not smart.

Well, with the win, the Turfdiggers find themselves alone in 7th place (er, yeah, out of 8 teams).  Last season, I was also in 7th place. Back then, we had 10 teams though, so it didn't feel quite so close to the bottom.  With one weeks left, I could theoretically move up to 5th place.  I'll be facing off against Gold Sox.  This will be the third time our two teams play and the series is split. 

If the Gold Sox and Stumbling Blox both lose, we would have the same record three ways (6-9-0) but I should pull ahead in points to take the 5th place spot.  Sure, there's no playoffs for that spot, but it would be the highest finish the team has had yet! Okay, okay, I know the team has only been around two seasons, but still.  Plus, if the Commissioner feels generous, I could move up.

I'm hoping to keep improving so I can eventually move up to the Red Headed League! (That's the "Upper Echelon" bracket for the group that takes part in this two-tier league).

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