Sunday, December 5, 2010

The 800th Post!

This is it! No, that's not a reference to Coke nor is it a reference to the DVD released by the Michael Jackson estate following his passing.  It is, however, reference to the Tribecards blog!

In some respects, I should have hit 800 posts about a year and a half ago easily.  But, as life has a way of working things out, the 800th post appears now.  There should be some kind of hoopla or fanfare or something, I'm sure, but I am saving that up for my 1000th post.  Well, that is a bit of a stretch, really.  I mean, come on, who really plans such things this far in advance, right?  Hmm, I suppose, though, if I get on the ball this coming year, I could hit 1000 before the World Series next season.

The one thing I want to communicate fully and completely in this post has everything to do with the time of year this post finds itself: Christmas.  For the past several years, I hosted a "12 Days of Christmas" event with TONS of cards given away to anyone and everyone that asked.  This year saw some hard times for the Tribecards family and that was met with some amazing generosity from my friends and readers!

This will be the FIRST and LAST year without a "12 Days Giveaway."  The giveaway brought me more enjoyment and satisfaction than I ever realized before not being able to host it.  I plan to acquire cards in small stages throughout the upcoming year in order to be able to hold the rebirth of the "12 Days Giveaway" next year.  It is so much fun putting together the packages for everyone with favorite teams, players, and surprises - and then to hear about the reactions from each of the recipients!  Yeah, a lot like being Santa Claus.

I have a LOT to accomplish for the Tribecards site: I still want to get that "Best all-time Tribers by Uniform Number" done!  I also want to get all the cards posted in my "From the Collection" series.  I don't know what the next year holds, but starting with post 800, I can tell it *will* hold a "12 Days Giveaway." 


  1. Congrats on the milestone! Those 800 posts just seemed to fly by.

  2. Congratulations on reaching a milestone. I wish you nothing but the best from here out.

  3. Congrats on the 800th post! Your blog was the first one I ever read on sports cards, and every day I continue to read it and to link myself to other blogs. Look forward to any future giveaways you may have. Continued success from one Tribe fan to another!

  4. Congrats, sir! Even HALF that number of posts would be impressive.

  5. Your blog meant a great deal to me when I was first starting out. Glad to see you've still got those blog goals and are moving forward!

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I am humbled by the responses. I didn't realize so many eyes were watching. :-)