Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bowman Chrome Redemption WIN

Not long ago, I received my take from the "Cardboard Problem" Bowman Chrome break.  One of the items I won was an autographed Kipnis.  I logged in to Topps and entered the code, then was told it would be 6-8 weeks, or maybe 14 weeks. I don't remember now.

In any case, the card arrived already in the mail today! Wahoo!  I like these sig-on-card autos, though this specific auto has much left to be desired.  I have no idea if the name on the card is really Kipnis' or not.  You just can't make out his chicken scratch.  Granted, after 500 of these, I'd be a bit a worn out, too.  But, mine is numbered 097/500, so he wasn't even 20% of the way through the stack when he did this one.  That means he signs his name this way.  Really?  Ah well, at least it is a cool card and an auto of a Triber. And, I got it pretty dang fast:-)

1 comment:

  1. You know, not all sigs have to be some crazy flourish of letters, but why don't people take some pride in their name and sign it legibly? If I was ever in a position to have someone actually want my signature, I would want them to be able to see it a month or a year later and know who signed it. I don't buy the argument that "they sign a lot, so it gets messy". Take a break, stop signing for awhile, something. Autos have just gotten plain ridiculous.