Monday, December 6, 2010

Knock, Knock

UPDATE (12/06/10) - Thanks to those of you that pointed me in the right direction! I had my dates messed up, and the voting results for Bert (and Roberto Alomar for that matter, among others) will take place in January. Consider this something of a Christmas Wish post.. :-)

The big announcement comes today (er, in January, actually).  Who will (and who won't)  make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  How do you NOT put Bert Blyleven in there?  He's only got this year and next to be included.  It's been a long time coming.

I first heard of him when he came to Pittsburgh.  As a kid in the 'Burgh in the 70's and 80's, it was really the only way for me to have heard of him.  He helped the Bucs take the World Series in the era when Pittsburgh was "the City of Champions."  And then, he moved over to Cleveland.  In 1985, he added another All-Star game to his resume'.  Another? You ask.  Why yes.  You see, before coming to Pittsburgh, he had been an All-Star in '73.  In fact, in his 22-year career, he was on three All-Star teams and made two World Series appearances.

Let's talk about his career.  He finished with a 3.21 overall ERA.  He won 287 games. He pitched 4,790 innings.  He struck out 3,701 batters.  How about 60 shut outs?

He came close to being selected last year, and I hope this year pushes him over the top.

Oh, I know, he's got more than a few, er, issues, that could keep him out.  He flipped off the camera back in his 'Burgh days and he was caught cussing live on air when he thought they were taping.  But, really, what's a Hall of Fame player without a bit of "color?" 

I say, "Circle Him!"


  1. Bert has to wait until next month to learn if he gets in this time. Today's announcement is just for the Expansion Era Committee ballot.'s

  2. I am not really a BB backer. I won't be upset if he gets in though. He is borderline to me. Having met him a few times, he is a very nice guy though. His "issues" certainly shouldn't keep him out, as they aren't any big deal.
    On the Vet committee, I do hope Ted Simmons gets some respect.

  3. I didn't know you were form Pittsburgh. I from pretty close to there myself, Aliquippa.

  4. Paul - Thanks for pointing that out! Somewhere I had the date wrong!!

    Adam - Yeap, I'm a 'Burgher! We used to head to Aliquippa when my Dad was refereeing soccer! Spent many-a tournament there!