Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 Indians Uniforms

There they are... The 2011 Cleveland Indians uniforms.  I am a HUGE fan of the right-most styling: Wahoo on the hat, Indians script on the front, name on the back.  The leftmost blue ones are okay, I suppose, and are a much better choice than the red ones we've seen in the past.

The two in the middle, though? UGH.  Seriously, can we not ditch the whole stupid retro thing already?  It was played out five years ago.  My understanding is that some of the uniforms will not have names on them, just numbers.  I can understand that to a certain extent, given how many Tribers never stay around long enough since they get traded once they reach stardom or get hurt before anyone knows their names, but still... For the fans, PLEASE put the names on jerseys.  You know, names were put on in the first place because people watching didn't know which player was which just by the jersey number.  In today's Indians situation, that holds truer more than it ever has.  Really.  We want to know the names without resorting to web searches or, heaven forbid, paper programs and scorecards.

I abhor the whole retro theme.  At first, it was a neat throwback idea.  Now, it is as old as the retro uniforms they are trying to pay homage to.  Dump them.  Why have four uniform styles anyway?  Give us a cool home uni, a cool road uni and call it good. thanks.

On a side note, it looks like I'll be taking down the "Choo Crew" button since it appears that train will be set for a new destination.  All I can do is shake my head at the Indians organization.  Do the folks running the program there understand that there are folks called "fans" that buy tickets to watch the games, and those tickets help pay salaries??  I'm beginning to wonder.

Talk about retro... Welcome back to the 80's, Tribe fans.  We're going to be here awhile.


  1. Keep the retro hats - or go back to the 70's style "C"!

  2. I do like the 1st and last uni pictured, they are cool. I too get tired of the whole retro thing, sometimes I won't even watch a game due to the bad looking uniforms that are being

  3. I like some of the retro stuff but we all know it's a marketing ploy to sell more hats and jerseys. $$$$ It takes a lot of dough to pay utility infielders a million a year.