Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas balls and Christmas cards

A co-worker of mine came in the office last week and handed me a small gift bag.  She said, "I know you collect baseball cards and stuff, so we though you'd like these."  Her and her husband have different kinds of cards and stuff stored in boxes and when they uncover (rediscover, find, you get the idea) some, Terry sometimes brings them to me to see if I'd like to have them.  Seeing as how I am not one to turn down much of anything in the way of "free," I happily accepted my Christmas gift.  Here's what I found inside!

A baseball signed by Ken Howell:

A baseball signed by Pat Combs:
 I haven't asked about the balls, but I need to find out if Terry knows how these were acquired (in-person, store, etc).  Though, it doesn't really matter, it would be nice to know.  I am going on the assumption that both guys were Phillies has something to do with it.  The Combs auto looks a LOT like Pat Corrales' auto and for a while, that's who I thought it was.  What changed my mind?  A little sticker on the ball's box that reads, "Pat Combs."  Yeah, I'm all observant like that.

Next up are some cards I had never seen. Little Debbie "Our Game" cards (the first two in the scan below).  The other cards come from the 1992 MegaCards Babe Ruth Collection:
 Of course, I didn't put anything together in any form that makes sense. That would just be crazy talk!  So, below we have more samples of the Babe Ruth and Little Debbie cards:
 There are 15 cards in the LD series, and I now own 11 or 12 of them! Not bad for never having heard of it before, eh?  What fallows is a series of (mostly) 1987 Topps cards.  See if you recognize any of the guys:
 My apologies, but evidently, my scanner needs a bit of a cleaning. Some of these came out quite blurry. Or maybe that's just the Topps photography of the day...
 As kids, my brother and I called these "The Wood Kind."
 To my surpise, it wasn't just baseball cards in the bag.  There are also some football cards, including one Jerome Bettis before he was "The Bus" in da Burgh!
 For the record, I am not a fan of photos where the player is pictured with his legs spread apart for the camera.  Seriously, could you not find a better pose?
 And, the crown jewel of the gift bag.  This one is actually in a screw-down holder:

A *HUGE* thanks goes out to Terry for my Christmas gift bag! 

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