Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday - End of Regular Season

In what has become all too familiar, the Tribecards Turfdiggers fell to the Gold Sox this past week in the Super Secret League fantasy football program.  This mean the Turfdiggers end the regular season in 7th out of 8 places, beating out only the Fighting Foxhounds overall.

Last season, the team then known as the Trouncers, also finished 7th, but that was out of 10 teams instead of eight.  Amazingly, the Turfdiggers and the Trouncers amassed the exact same record: 5-10-0.  At least I've proven to be consistent.

As things turn out, in the consolation round of the 2010 playoffs, the Turfdiggers and the Gold Sox could face each other again to determine who goes on to finish in 5th place for the league.  Here's how things line up:  Turfdiggers vs Stumbling Blox and Fighting Foxhounds vs Gold Sox, the winners of each of those matchups will play each other for 5th place overall.

The Turfdiggers started the season with a 3-game winning streak.  In the 4th week, that was snapped by the league-leading Red Grange Halls and continued for five additional weeks.  No other team in the league (not even last-place Foxhounds) had a 6-week losing streak.  Trades, drops and adds took place in which the team hoped to pull themselves out of the free fall.  Finally, at wit's end in desperation, much of the team was dropped and new players added.  While this resulted in a win the week the shake-up occurred, the relief was short-lived.  The three weeks following that win were met wit with frustrating losses.

The number one issue with the team this season seemed to be one of timing.  Many of the weeks in which the Turfdiggers lost, the team could have won if benched players had been played.  That is the luck and life of any fantasy football team manager.  We are at the mercy of the players we hold and the decisions (some of which are last-minute game day decisions) we make in playing or benching our guys.  It is also why we love to come back season after season to try it again.

I'd love for the Turfdiggers to pull off a 5th place overall finish.  Heck, I'd even take 6th at this point.  Haha, yeah, if you know me, I'm just happy not to be in last.  Though, that could actually still happen if the Foxhounds win and the Turfdiggers lose in the consolation round.  Let's not even think about that. 

It is Christmas, after all.

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