Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Magic Screen

One of the perks of being employed where I am: gadgets and gizmos.  As a technology coordinator charged with teaching tech to teachers, I am sometimes blessed with a device for use in my day-to-day life that I might not normally be able to afford.  Enter the iPad.

I have been using one for a month or so now.  Oh, I know you're wondering how this is related to Tribecards.  I'm getting there.  The first thing I wanted to show off, though, is the Etch-A-Sketch case my wife got for me for Christmas for the device.  I love it!  And, it displays the ol' web page pretty nicely.  And, now that FlipBoard supports Google Reader, I have been following along with the folks in the "Clubhouse" anywhere I take the thing (well, anywhere that has wi-fi. No 3G version here!).

There are a couple free baseball-related apps for the iPad and iPod/iPhone.  One such app is "Vintage Baseball Cards" from OldBaseball.  It has large images of cards from days gone by (specifically, from 1910 in this case).  There was a card-flipping simulation app at one point (still in Apps store) but it is "no longer available."  If I had to guess, the creator ran into copyright/licensing issues.

In other Christmas+Baseball news, I received a slew of 2010 Topps cards and a very nice Indians polo shirt (the slick silky kind)!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas/holiday this year!

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