Saturday, December 4, 2010

PunkRockPaint'd - Again!

The other day, I received an envelope in the mail from Punk Rock Paint! This turned out to be filled with things he forgot to include in the last package he sent. Rather than just post scans, I thought I'd give you some "Photo Booth Fun" with them:

First up, we have a Topps Attax Grady Sizemore:

Next, I thought I'd try the"glow" effect with the "Indians team card:"

What better way to show off this Lofton HoloGrFX than to set things on X-Ray:

Let's bust out the "Comic Book" styling for another Indians team card:

Here's me going all "Andy Warhol" on ya with a Jason Donald card:

Playing the retro theme for a little Chooooo:

Aaron Laffey throws the ball in your face in sepia. Why? Why not:

Oooo, another Choooo card:

This Jim Hegan is in great shape! The off-center cut is perfect for the time of the card:

Pulling out the Black and White for Houtteman:

Mr. Hooper, no not the guy from Sesame Street:

Going all thermal for Bobby Avila... What a freaky effect:

A *HUGE* thank you goes out to Travis for these!

I really got to get my trade-able collection built up again so I can send out cards again!  Man, I miss those days.

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