Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cross-posting ain't all bad, right?

What you see above (the 'way' above) is a 1982 Davco Publishers Bob Feller card. It is one of the many oddball Tribe items I own. The card is printed on what feels like baseball card stock, though not thick. It's one of my favorite oddballs because I haven't seen many like it. And, of course because it features the great "Rapid" Bob Feller!

You can actually find complete sets online, if you're looking. I recently opted to buy the full set in order to get the other Indians out of it and to have some neat 'giveaway' leftovers to boot - kills two birds with one stone!

So, what gives with the title of the post? Well, I decided to post this over on "Things Done To Cards" (with some additional info) as a crossover post - hey, if TV shows can do it, why not TribeCards?

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